Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi

Clinical Psychologist
Child Psychologist
Counselling Psychologist
Family & Marriage Therapist
Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Greater Kailash Hospital, Indore
Ex. Clinical Psychologist in M.G.M. Medical College, Indore

Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi is a registered professional with RCI New Delhi (Govt. of India). He has an M. Phil in Medical and Social Psychology from RCI-recognized PGIBAMS, Raipur and PGDGC from RDVV, Jabalpur. He has done Ph.D. from DAVV, Indore. Dr. Sanjeev has been rigorously trained in the fields of psychotherapy, psychological counselling, family therapy, psychological assessment, psychological therapeutics, hypnotherapy, and health and organizational psychology. His skills have been honed by meticulous clinical exposure over the years. He is notably trained in psychotherapy, psychometric testing, and counselling. In 2005, he established his own clinic, SAMARTH Psychotherapy & Counselling Center in Indore.

In his career, he has helped countless individuals, helping them work through their issues and improve quality of life for them. Through the power of psychotherapy and counselling, he has made an impact in the lives of many. Throughout the years, he organized and addressed multiple workshops to educate the masses about mental health, and organized trainings for doctors, paramedics, students, and the general public alike in all aspects of mental health. He organized Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) programs to raise awareness about mental health and fight against the stigma. He frequently guests on news channel discussion panels to talk about issues as they arise. He also contributes to research topics for national and international journals and books on psychology. Today, he is one of central India’s best psychologists and counsellors

Neelam Tripathi

Counselling Psychologist
Career Counsellor
Child Psychologist
Marriage & Family Therapist
Skills Trainer
Ex. Psychologist and Facilitator in Action Ad India (Mental Hospital, Indore)
Ex. Trainer and Psychologist in FIWE India
Ex. Asst. Professor in IMI, Indore

She is registered as a professional psychologist from RCI. She trained in the field of psychology, counselling, assessment, psychological therapeutics, organizational behavior and skills development. After that she joined Mental Hospital, Indore as a Psychologist and she has been worked with many national and international programs and organizations like Matri (Action Add India), Vishwas (MPSACS), FIWE (MORD) and Awsar Project (UNICEF). She has been worked also some educational institutions like IMI Indore, Christian College, Indore. She is practising in Dr.Tripathi's Clinic. In this profession she used to help the person by assessing their problems, analyzing, testing, giving psychotherapy including counselling and skills training. She also carried out various training programs including educating the masses about mental health and organizing workshop and training for Organization.

Dr. Abhay Jain

Ex. Associate professor in TNMC and BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai
Professor and head of the department of psychiatry in Medical College
Chief and senior Consultant Bombay Hospital, Indore

Consultant CHL Hospital, Actively involved in research and academics, published paper in National and International Journals, delivered lectures in national and international forum. Practising for the past 20yrs in Indore.